Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I am Thankful for

This has been the best Thanksgiving of my entire life.  I feel more happy now then I ever remember feeling.  It has been so wonderful for two reasons.  One, because a year and a half ago I married the most incredible man in the whole world.  He has given me an even better outlook on life.  He is funny, spiritual, smart, a good provider, loving and so cute.  In young women's when we made a list of our future companions qualities I would have felt guilty imagining a man this perfect but it's true and I am so grateful for him.  The second reason is because we are expecting a beautiful baby girl in April.  All I have ever wanted to do is be a mother.  I already love her so much.  And holy cow J is so cute when it comes to our little princess.  I was a little worried that he would be sad it was not a boy but I was wrong.  He talks so highly of her, always texting me and asking how his girls are or telling me how much he loves us.  I am living a fairy tale.  Life is not always perfect but with the right person and attitude it can be close.  Heavenly Father has blessed me so much, I am so grateful for the all he has given me.

We didn't tell people for a long time about our baby because I was so scared of losing her.  I am 21 weeks along now, and starting to show so I thought it was about time to let everyone know.  I was so sick for so long!  From weeks 12-19 I had a head cold three times, virus for a week, stomach flue and morning sickness.  Needless to say, it was not my favorite but I did learn a couple things.  One, JD does great with throw up, he even holds my hair.  Two, not all throw up sacks are reliable.  Some have holes that make you throw up all over your brand new car.  Three, bial, or whatever that stomach crap is... well do everything to avoid it.  It was really a rough couple months there but its worth it, now that I know my little girl is healthy I dont even care. It was worth it.  I will be sacrificing for her for the rest of my life and I am going to love it.

Here are some pictures of the last little bit of our lives...

 This is how I have spent the majority of my free time for the past couple months.  Man have I been tired, that is actually what made me think I might actually by prego.  I was talking to Sara and she said that the only thing she felt when she was first pregnant was being tired, and I have never been this tired, EVER!  .    

These are beautiful flowers JD gave me, you cant see the card but it says, "Because I love you."
 This is one of our best friends, Brad and Sara's beautiful baby Aisley Mae.  She is so dang cute and she loves Jd.  Her and our baby girl are going to be about the same age apart as me and Sara are. 
 These are our pumpkins.  Ha I did the one on the left, JD the right.  It was so fun I love pumpkins. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Best Year of My Life!

Whoever said that the first year of marriage is the hardest obviously was not married to the most wonderful man in the who world!  I never dreamed that even through many trials life could continually be this great!  I did a really bad job the first year of keeping up with our blog but here is a recap of the first year of eternity!
We spent the first four months of our marriage living at Destinations Inn.  It was a blast.  We moved weekly from room to room. Pro's four month honey moon, over sized jetted tub, projectors, and no rent Con's no kitchen.  One night I got a phone call at about one in the morning.  It was the police, they were banging on the door trying to get in, our hotel was on fire!  We had to clear out all the rooms... it was so funny as it was one couples honey moon night.  The police pounded on their door yelling IFPD open up.  Can you imagine.  I would be wondering who the heck I had just married and what he had done.  We spent the next six hours in the car singing "we didn't start the fire" as we watched the building next to us burn.  Oh man I love how JD turns everything into a positive experience! 

  Sense we have been married we have gone to two different Jazz games!  One was against my personal favorites, the Suns, and the last was against the Lakers.  Thanks to JD's friend Tyler we were able to sit 8th row for the Lakers Jazz game!  The best part was at half time when JD went on the court, stood right next to Kobe and gave a thumbs down.  First of all he looked tiny next to Kobe and second, I don't think we were supposed to be on the court :) 

I know this is a whole year ago but one of my favorite holidays is Halloween!  We are trying to think of ideas to beat last years!  I did a J in the middle of the superman sign and JD did a wonder-women sign.  We got our costumes at walmart in the little kid section.  I think I spent about five hours trying to lengthen the crotch in Jd's costume, I guess I am not as good of a sower as I thought, finally I made him put on a par of my old cheer shorts and we went to all our friend houses making superman sounds and jumping off tall things!

      Before JD and I started dating, Dallin his little brother was playing my little brother Taylor in basketball.  We made a bet that the loser had to take the winner out to dinner and wear a shirt from the winners school.  Well our first date was JD taking me to dinner but he never wore the Madison shirt.  I guess its okay however because he was one of Taylor's biggest fans the next year wearing a Madison shirt every game. 
      In March we went over and stayed with Zach and Kimbo during Taylor's State Basketball Tournament. After two close games they made it to the championship game.   The entire Idaho Center was filled with red.  We were on the first and second rows.  Taylor opened the game with three quick three's to keep us in the game.  I literally was on the floor screaming I was so excited.  We eventually won by a last second shot.  That was the only time I think I have seen Taylor and my Dad cry happy tears.  It was so cute.  My dad had won the tournament 35 years before and just wanted all Taylors blood sweat and tears to pay off.  It was a perfect way to end five years of Basketball.  We could not have been more proud.   

 JD and I have the same birthday!  He was in charge of the morning and I was in charge of the afternoon.  He made me my favorite Swedish pancakes for breakfast.  Later that afternoon he went on a scavenger hunt to find his presents.  Then we had dinner with both our families.  It was perfect!  Our birthday is June 10th so we get to have a little mini Christmas half way through the year.

 There are the people that Graduated with me in Social Work.  Some of these people became my best friends! 
 JD surprised me and had these announcements made.  I was thrilled what a thoughtful man. 
 I graduated in July and started my Masters in September!  I don't really know what I am going to do in a year without homework in my life.  I have been going to college straight sense the Summer before my Jr. year of high school.  My masters really does just prove that JD is the perfect man.  We're not planning on my working after but he happily makes the payments every month so that my dream can be realized.  I am so grateful for that and I know that one day, we will both be happy that I have so much education. 

 We have gone to Las Vegas twice sense we got married.  Once for my cousins wedding and once by ourselves for our anniversary.  Here are some pic's of both trips. 

 This is the spot at the Las Vegas Temple that JD proposed. 

 This is Fremont  If anyone has not been there please go!  It is so much fun the entire three blocks have a big screen on top of it.  It is the Old Strip. 
 The old cow boy on Fremont.  I remember this from movies. 

 This is the back of Taylor and JD head's!  ha They look so much alike.  I love it
This is the famous Pawn Star Shop from TV.  There was so much cool junk in there.  You had to wait for half and hour to get in and it is so small but it was way worth it.

I think I am finally caught up of the best year of my life.  From now on I will keep up better!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Love Story

For Time & All Eternity
On September 17th, 2010 I married the most incredible man in the entire world!  He is funny, smart, happy, Christ-like, attractive and treats me like the princess my daddy always told me I was.  He is my superman!  
     I remember my seminary teacher telling us that there is no one person that you are meant to be 
    with and that any righteous women and man could work together with the help of Christ to make 
    their marriage work.   He then went on to tell us... "Sometimes a man and a women  get married 
    and it is like addition.  She brings 5 good things  and he brings   5 good things and together they
    have 10 good things.  However for  those few lucky people it is  like  multiplication.  She  brings  
    5 good things, he brings  5 and when  they get married they both have 25 good qualities."  

JD and I multiply!  He makes me a better person everyday.  He is my superman and I can't believe I was blessed to marry someone like him when and where I did.  I can not wait to spend eternity with JD but for now, this is just the beginning of our love story!  

Happily Ever After